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2nd button of your Suit’s Jacket – Why never use it?

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03 Apr 2nd button of your Suit’s Jacket – Why never use it?

Yes, it’s a style rule that men should never button the second button of a two-button suit jacket. So in a two-button suit jacket, you should button only the top button, but never the second.

But why?

According to a legend, Britain’s King, Edward had put on so much of weight that he grew larger for his suit. So he stopped using the second button of his suit jacket. Following which others started doing it so that the King doesn’t feel embarrassed.

Whether or not the legend is true. A logical reason for not buttoning is that it makes you feel too tight. And affects the fit too as the suits are tailored to fit you without butting the second button.

For a three-button suit jacket, simply follow the “sometimes, always, never” rule. It means – you can sometimes button the top button, always button the middle one, and never use the last button.

But for a two-button suit jacket, always use the top button and never use the second one.

You can have a candid conversation with our Master Tailor for any style advice, or how you can get a perfect-fit, the lapel, the lining etc.  And what all styles he thinks can work best for you.

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