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8 Suit-Rules Men Must Know

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06 Jan 8 Suit-Rules Men Must Know

1. Last button to be open always
Yes, it is there only for aesthetic purpose. So just keep the last button of your suit open.

2. Unfasten the buttons while sitting down
To keep your suit and style intact.

3. Button your shirt at the top
Because that’s the way it should be. Of course you don’t need to choke your throat 🙂

4. Go for a light pocket-square with a dark suit,
And a dark pocket-square with a light colored suit. And your pocket-squre shouldn’t be crumpled. So don’t forget to iron it.

5. No sports-watch with a suit
Keep it to go with your casual stuff. When you are in a suit, go for a classic watch.

6. Shoulder-Hug
Fit is what makes a suit look great. So ensure that your suit’s shoulders snug and hug your shoulders well.

7. No Access Accessories!
With a suit, don’t go for too many accessories. Keep it simple and sophisticated. And let your suit take charge!

8. Keep the tip of your tie just above the belt’s buckle
Just try it and you will get it right.

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