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A Tip on Getting Your Waistcoat Right

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14 Dec A Tip on Getting Your Waistcoat Right

The Waistcoat

The waistcoat is capable of transcending social situations and dress codes, yet gives you enough room to experiment with layers and remain stylish. But it seems to me that this humble piece suffers from a bad reputation these days.

It’s easy to see why – it’s due to misrepresentation. In the same way that most guys hate the idea of wearing a suit because all they have to go on are real life examples of men wearing suits badly (read: too big), the same applies for waistcoats. It’s not until you see someone killing it that you can appreciate the true potential of an item. It would explain everyone’s obsession with Barney Stinson and “suiting up”.

We’ve all been there. Those days when we thought all we needed to look fancy was a shiny black polyester waistcoat, white shirt and a stupidly skinny tie. Of course, the waistcoat came complete with awful floral purple satin lining and everything. And did we button it up? Hell no! What are you, mad?

It bordered on sartorial abuse and now everyone pays the price because we’re all missing out on an excellent addition to our wardrobes. So here’s how we can mend our ways…

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