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The Damn Good White Suit!

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03 Apr The Damn Good White Suit!

When the blue-eyed Australian actor Dacre Montgomery popped in for a party, in a white suit, he made quite a statement. That he looked a stunner is of course an understatement.

Dacre’s stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, picked up a vanilla color to combine it with a brown shirt ‘n’ shoes. He didn’t pick a black shirt. Why? “A black shirt would have been too much contrast here. And we opted for no tie to keep the whole look effortless and a little sexier,” Urbinati explained.

Well, you too can look awesome in a while suit. Yes, even if you are not as gifted as Dacre, in terms of looks and physique!

All you need is a perfect fit and the right choice of shirt and shoes.

You can have a candid conversation with our Master Tailor on getting a perfect-fit, the lapel, the lining etc. And what styles he thinks can work best for you.

After all, it’s about you ruling the hearts! Just drop by.

Or we can call you if you just send a message here:

And you won’t mind checking the collection here:


Stay Happy. Look Stunning.

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