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The Perfect Fit Yes, it’s a Big Deal!

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07 Jan The Perfect Fit Yes, it’s a Big Deal!

Your suit must fit you perfect. Always! Here are the 4 must-knows.

1. Your jacket must hug your shoulders well. Remember that the fit across the shoulders matters a lot . It must be up to scratch. And the sleeves should fall from the tip of the shoulder edge to the wrist.

2. Ideally, the trouser comes in a medium break – that is – the trousers fall on your shoes. So the trousers should finish just on the shoe, but not cover shoelace. A tad shorter than this length is also in vogue these days. It gives a stylish, straight-legged look.

3. The length of the jacket is crucial. It should finish no longer than mid-way down. And no shorter than the top of your backside. Too short looks feminine. And too long looks off beam.

4. Sleeves should finish between 9 cms above the knuckle of the thumb. You can shorten the sleeves just a tad if you want to show the cufflinks or a good part of the the cuff.

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